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Advanced networking

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Higher performing networks

Advanced Networking

The number of connected devices is expected to continue increasing exponentially over the next several years, potentially exceeding 25 billion devices by 2020.  These devices are expected to be heterogeneous, very diverse, often mobile and support a wide variety of applications including connected vehicles, smart grids, in- home networks, and various connected sensors and platforms.

There are many complex networking challenges that need to be addressed in bringing all of these devices together to support the applications of interest. Existing wireless network architectures will be inadequate to meet these requirements.

Perspecta Labs has been working on infrastructure-less networks for many years. Currently, we are developing advanced networking capabilities for the Multi-Access Cellular Extension (MACE) program under the direction of CERDEC, the Army's Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center. MACE is a primary component in the U.S. Army's drive to harness commercial 4G/WiFi and smartphone technologies to the rapidly evolving needs of dispersed and mobile war fighters. 

Under funding from the Department of Energy and commercial customers, we are also developing novel cybersecurity techniques for detecting misbehaving nodes (with a particular focus on smart grid applications). In related work, we have developed intrusion detection techniques that apply defined rules and behaviors to the traffic streams and raise alerts when certain conditions are detected.

Another key challenge in this area is discovering the capabilities of thousands of nodes, distributing tasks to the appropriate nodes in support of the application of interest, and collecting and aggregating measurements from those nodes in an efficient manner within a network that has limited bandwidth, is intermittent and in the presence of interference from other devices. Perspecta Labs has developed middleware through funding from multiple government defense agencies that organizes nodes in a dynamic, multi-layer hierarchy using a self-forming and self-maintaining dominating set. Our approach achieves message completion rates above 90 percent while unstructured on demand approaches only achieve rates of <75 percent. Using fixed architectures only achieves completion rates of <1 percent in highly mobile environments.

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