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SecureSmart - Wireless Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Distribution Automation Deployments

Solving complex smart grid challenges

Defending the integrity of wireless advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and distribution automation (DA) deployments

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and distribution automation (DA) field area networks (FAN) have become utilities’ largest, most complex, and often least understood networks. Assessing AMI and smart grid system security is different than traditional computer and network security in both scope and technique. Due to the nature of these systems, they are increasingly vulnerable to frequent and large-scale cyber attacks. 

Perspecta Labs’ SecureSmart™ Continuous Monitoring as a Service is the only infrastructure monitoring, analysis and operations solution that provides early warning of anomalous behavior and can dynamically detect intrusions in wireless networks. Our industry-leading solution provides daily assessments and diagnostics by a seasoned threat analysis team. It also delivers significantly increased security, operational visibility, situational awareness, and continuous feedback at levels previously unavailable to the industry. 

Across the nation, wireless FANs are especially vulnerable because they are in unprotected environments. Most have little real-time network health, performance monitoring, or behavioral baselines; and, FANs lack field visibility, making operations and troubleshooting difficult. Diagnosing network or device problems can take hours and traditional IT security tools lack context and are not sufficient to address the increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. Using an independent, probe-based architecture combined with comprehensive real-time continuous analysis, SecureSmart provides 24/7 automated network anomaly and intrusion detection for these critical networks.

Our technology is being used by smart grid utilities coast-to-coast to assess vulnerabilities, monitor and detect traffic anomalies, and quickly scrutinize relevant data to determine “ground-truth” network health.


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