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Battlefield mobility

Battlefield Mobility

Addressing the rapidly evolving need for mobile coverage on the battlefield

Using mobile network technologies in the battlefield poses challenges not present in civilian settings. Tactical networks that are cellular-based do not provide seamless coverage and pose severe problems for dispersed and mobile war fighters.  

The U.S. Army required an agile network that could self-heal, keep warfighters connected and maintain performance as nodes move and conditions and applications change—even in the face of network damage.

Application of commercial technologies to the Army's premier tactical networking program 

Perspecta Labs led the effort to design a network-on-the-fly by harnessing commercial LTE/Wi-Fi and smartphone technologies for the the Multi-Access Cellular Extension (MACE) program, a primary component of the Army’s drive to ensure seamless and secure information superiority for its dispersed and mobile war fighters.  

Our engineers transitioned deep research into fielded systems by building on Perspecta Labs' previous successful commercial projects and developing an ad-hoc network to fill in the coverage discontinuities often found in-theater, so that users experience service hand-offs and features such as transparent point-to-point security transfer.

Information superiority on the battlefield

The Perspecta Labs mobility gateway and client app provides true, secure, on-the-move session mobility and persistency to support both Wi-Fi offloading and fully autonomous operations that allows smart phones to adapt to dynamic radio conditions. 

The solution can tap and use available LTE, Wi-Fi or tethered tactical radios to provide zero loss transitions while maintaining the underlying CSfC-compliant VPN security by dynamically enabling or disabling different VPN modules based on the active radio being used.

MACE  features:

Harnessing commercial LTE/Wi-Fi and smart phone technologies for the battlefield

  • Bridges the gap between commercial technologies and battlefield requirements

  • Information assurance through highly advanced, highly secure capability

Perspecta Labs is a Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Trusted Integrator.