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Research powering performance


Perspecta Labs is addressing the increasingly complex problem of protecting mission-critical systems and our national cyber infrastructure through a broad range of research initiatives, including insider threat detection, intrusion detection and reaction, computer network defense, smart phone security, program analysis techniques for malicious code detection, configuration assurance for cyber infrastructure, and cryptography and privacy.  Below are some of our cyber research and technology creation efforts:

  • Zero-Day intrusion detection and response: Comprehensive monitoring of enterprise and tactical networks to detect and respond to zero-day attacks at the time of occurrence – in real-time, not days or weeks after the fact. Our anomaly-based Z-Day ESS solution integrates application-, host-, and network-level monitoring and correlation, and met or exceeded performance objectives in testing against a variety of malware types such as botnets rootkits, works, and advanced persistent threats.

  • Smartphone security: The number of smart device applications using highly sensitive data is exploding. This, in turn, is making smart devices the new focal point for sophisticated cyber attacks. Our Mobile Data Storage directly addresses this new level of threat through harnessing a patent-pending, Perspecta Labs policy-based technique which encrypts and securely stores data in smart devices on a per application basis. Additionally, and based on our proven anomaly- and specification-based technology, the Zero-Day Defense for Android solution protects mobile devices against today’s malware as well as the increasingly sophisticated threats of tomorrow.

  • Science of configuration: Configuration is the DNA of cyber infrastructure. Due to the large gap between end-to-end requirements and detailed configurations, a large number of configuration errors are made, resulting in 50-80% of network vulnerabilities and downtime. Perspecta Labs has developed the Assured and Dynamic Configuration system to address these problems through automated configuration synthesis and repair, visualization and verification, and moving-target defense through configuration space randomization.

  • Security and privacy in the cloud: Sharing of digital information via the cloud offers many benefits. A challenge with migrating to the cloud is ensuring the security and privacy of each party involved in the exchange. We are advancing the state of the science in this area with two research projects sponsored by government defense organizations. Our Secure and Private Database Execution (SPADE) system provides secure and private database access with sub-linear performance for complex queries, large and evolving databases, and client access control. Our EPP-SCOT system provides efficient private and secure protocols for publish/subscribe services that keep confidential the subscriptions of clients and the metadata of published items.

  • Smart grid security: The accelerating penetration of Smart Grid components across nearly every aspect of energy and power environments is creating unprecedented opportunities and unparalleled threats. Our SecureSMART Managed Security Service™ answers the industry's call for greater situational awareness and visibility into Smart Meter networks, which are fast becoming the largest networks within the utilities. SecureSmart brings to market first-of-its-kind technology and a set of monitoring and analysis tools that enable utilities to detect early signs of attacks on wireless FAN communications and help validate security controls.

In addition to these areas of industry leading research, Perspecta Labs experts are also providing deep cyber security consulting services within the communications, electric utility, financial, entertainment, and government sector.