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Research powering performance

Perspecta Labs addresses the challenge of protecting mission-critical systems and our national cyber infrastructure through a broad range of research initiatives, including insider threat detection, intrusion detection and reaction, computer network defense, Internet of Things (IoT) and smart device security, program analysis techniques for malicious code detection, configuration assurance for cyber infrastructure, and cryptography and privacy. We have a long, successful track record of transitioning research innovations into effective cybersecurity solutions. Below are just a few examples.

Cyber network defense

Our cutting-edge research defends critical networks from diverse threats, including distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and never-before-seen zero-day malware.

  • DDoS Defender: Dynamically hides high-value cyber assets and misleads and confuses adversaries using defensive maneuvers. Combining multiple, proven innovations, our solution delivers superior defensive capacity to detect and deter widespread, targeted and low-volume DDoS attacks

  • Z-Day technology: Monitors enterprise and tactical networks to detect and deter zero-day attacks immediately. Integrating application-, host-, and network-level analytics and correlation, Z-Day successfully thwarts diverse malware, including botnets, rootkits and advanced persistent threats

Critical infrastructure protection and resilience

Legacy critical infrastructure systems, from utility and energy grids to planes, tanks and ships, were not built to stand up to modern cyber criminals putting them in significant risk of a cyberattack.

  • As a major participant in DARPA’s Rapid Attack Detection, Isolation and Characterization Systems (RADICS) program, we are researching and demonstrating solutions to defend the U.S. power grid and enable restoration in the event of an attack. Specifically, our grid cyber-weapon hunting system uses first-of-its-kind firmware analytics to detect and remediate malware and our novel solution for early detection and situational awareness in cyber physical systems applies advanced machine learning and statistics to out-of-band measurements, field reports and other data

  • Our Bus Defender product provides cyber defense to the MIL-STD-1553 data bus, widely used in diverse, fielded systems

  • Our SecureSmart managed security service has been protecting smart grids with industry-leading situational awareness and cyberattack detection for more than 10 years

IoT and device security

Perspecta Labs’ ground-breaking research secures smart devices, sensitive data and IoT.

  • Our mobile data storage solution encrypts and securely stores data in smart devices on a per application basis via a unique, policy-based technique

  • We’re creating new technology for true air gap monitoring and detection of malicious behavior of embedded and IoT devices. Using machine learning and binary program analysis on radio frequency, acoustic, and power signatures, we can determine if a system is operating normally or under attack

  • Our Zero-Day Defense for Android solution protects mobile devices against today’s malware and the sophisticated threats of tomorrow

Security by configuration and design

Correctly configuring complex cyber infrastructure is notoriously difficult with configuration errors leading to 50-80 percent of network vulnerabilities and downtime.

  • Our Distributed, Assured and Dynamic Configuration (DADC) solution secures networked systems through automated configuration synthesis and repair, visualization and verification and novel moving-target defense techniques. DADC has been successfully extended to efficiently and accurately configure cloud deployments and to securely design CPS, such as robotics and autonomous vehicles

In addition to our industry leading research, Perspecta Labs experts provide deep cyber security consulting services within the communications, electric utility, financial, entertainment and government sectors.