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DDoS Defender

DDoS Defender

Protect your critical infrastructure and resources

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are among the most malicious cyberattacks made against military, enterprise and public network infrastructure. DDoS attackers disrupt, delay and deny legitimate users’ access to critical computer, communications and network resources.

DDoS Defender, the Perspecta Labs suite of DDoS defense solutions, delivers breakthrough cyber defense capabilities to protect infrastructure, provide resilience and maintain critical services.

Using a multimodal approach to stop even the most sophisticated attacker, our novel techniques can dynamically obscure high-value cyber assets; detect stealthy, low-volume intrusions; perform defensive maneuvers to mislead and confuse adversaries; and launch mitigation steps to repel both widespread and targeted attacks. Combining multiple, proven innovations— each designed, developed and extensively tested on U.S. government cyber research projects—DDoS Defender delivers superior defensive capacity to detect and deter DDoS attacks.

Three leading-edge cyber technologies create the foundation for DDoS Defender:

  • SCATTERED (scalable network-aware technologies for tunable resistance to DDoS): leverages a novel combination of artificial intelligence-enabled planning, peer-to-peer dispersion of cyber resources, and agile, resilient data transport to logically disperse network resources to complicate adversarial targeting and minimize the impact of attacks

  • NEMESIS (network maneuvering for survivable internet services): uses an innovative combination of techniques, including game-theoretic planning, real-time analytics, cloud-based maneuvers and randomized maneuver control to confuse adversaries and disrupt cyberattacks

  • LOOKOUT (low overhead observations keeping operational under threats): employs a sense-detect-correlate-remediate architecture to identify and mitigate attacks, especially the precision low-volume, protocol attacks that exhaust targeted server computing capacity while flying under the radar of traditional in-line detection and scrubbing techniques

DDoS Defender enables network operators to effectively identify and defend against a wide variety of attack scenarios and to deliver significantly enhanced network and service resilience. With our groundbreaking techniques, cyber opponents misidentify high-value targets, are forced to dilute their resources and are fooled about the success of the attack.

Value and benefits: 

  • Detects and mitigates DDoS network and protocol layer attacks

  • Secures servers, data centers, protocols, applications and websites

  • Protects against 100sGbps volumetric DDoS attacks

  • Disperses attack surface and reduces, or eliminates, dependence on centralized assets

  • Significantly extends cyber defense capability

  • Hides and provides deceptive information to attackers about critical network resources

  • Dynamically maximizes service availability and responsiveness for legitimate users

  • Improves efficiency of transporting traffic flows, minimizing latency in navigating severely degraded networks

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