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Enhancing rigorous data analytics in financial markets

Ensuring both maximum opportunity and optimal monitoring

Securing rapid analysis and precise data extraction across massive quantities of financial documents has long been the Holy Grail within the financial investment community. Likewise, regulatory agencies increasingly recognize the need to incorporate advanced analytics into the monitoring and managing of trends, risks and anomalies in the rapid-fire, hyper-technology-based capital and financial markets over which they have jurisdiction.

Through its various roles in working with large banks, financial regulators and numerous federal programs, Perspecta Labs has deep expertise in data modeling, scenario simulations, and advanced algorithms tailored for a wide range of players in the financial markets.

For example, large investment houses typically require rapid analysis and access to specific information contained in massive documents related to public filings or investment offerings. Perspecta Labs supports their needs by offering customized extraction capabilities, high volume classification and validation functionality.

More broadly, our range of planning, consulting and implementation support in the financial market includes:

  • Data modeling

  • Advanced algorithms

  • Text and data analytics

  • Simulations and predictive analytics

  • Statistical programming