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Protecting the country’s most vital assets

Government entities are under unprecedented pressure to increase the efficiency and security of their operations and their visibility into every aspect of their organizations’ functions and services—all while working in an environment of escalating cyber threats and constrained budgets. A core tenet of this strategic imperative is ensuring optimal use and protection of all information and communications resources and technologies.

For decades, Perspecta Labs has been providing deep and diverse support to help various government groups plan for and achieve these critical goals. Our work has spanned nearly every aspect and department of government organizations, from the Departments of Energy, Defense and Homeland Security to the Federal Aviation Administration, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and federal, state and local transportation organizations.

Specific examples of our recent or on-going work for civil government agencies include:

  • Developing advanced security monitoring technologies to help bolster defense of the nation’s energy delivery systems against cyber attacks
  • Delivering advanced analytics and processes for monitoring and managing of trends and risks in the nation’s financial markets
  • Designing network architecture and transition strategies for transportation infrastructure which securely and cost effectively leverage emerging communications capability
  • Leading a multi-disciplinary industry team to develop requirements, standards and solutions for priority, next generation government communications services, spanning voice, data, video, and multicast in the cloud and on diverse devices and smart phones
  • Developing a global undersea cable infrastructure visualization tool for analyzing resiliency, risk, value and routing in support of situational awareness and disaster recovery