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Industrial control systems and IoT security

Industrial control systems and IoT security

With more than 20 billion smart, connected devices, the global Internet of Things (IoT) provides unprecedented convenience to consumers and businesses.  It is also a huge and attractive target for malicious actors and activity.  The Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) networks that monitor and control our energy, water, transportation and manufacturing platforms experience multiple attacks every hour. Efficiently securing and defending these large, diverse systems and infrastructure requires not only smart and agile cybersecurity tools and techniques, but also smart, agile analysts and cyber experts. 

Perspecta Labs’ patented solutions and services provide intelligent analytics and automated defense to secure and protect ICS, low-power wide area networks, IoT platforms, and SCADA systems for utilities, energy and smart cities. Our consulting services are led by certified experts with deep technical knowledge and extensive industry experience. Across utilities and energy, from intelligent buildings to smart cities, our ground-breaking cybersecurity and analytics systems and applications will
cost-effectively defend and protect ICS and IoT systems, assets and data.

Our ICS and IoT security offerings provide:

  • Automatic anomaly and intrusion detection

  • Active real-time defense via protocol-specific stateful model-based checkers and advanced analytics

  • Comprehensive cybersecurity vulnerability assessments and penetration testing

  • Physical, logical and operational threat and risk analysis

  • Network and communications situational awareness and easy-to-use dashboards and alerts