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Commercial Solutions for Classified

Government agencies that handle classified and other sensitive information often are constrained to using cumbersome wired networks and expensive custom hardware solutions. Perspecta Labs helps its government customers obtain NSA approval for safely using wireless networks to handle classified communication on commodity hardware and for protecting the data at rest. Perspecta Labs is recognized by NSA as a trusted integrator for the Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program, and has the necessary experience with CSfC requirements and procedures to help agencies safely and quickly take advantage of wireless solutions in classified environments.

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Enabling native apps on Android

Our SecureIO solution for Android end-user devices provides a TLS encryption service using a NIAP-approved TLS layer that is listed on the NSA’s CSfC components list for TLS software applications.

SecureIO is targeted for CSfC networks using Android end-user devices complying with NSA’s mobile access capability package. This innovative app opens a world of possibilities on Android smartphones and tablets, allowing a wide variety of commercial-off-the-shelf and government-off-the-shelf Android apps to run natively on the Android device and make use of the CSfC-compliant classified network. Prior to the invention of SecureIO, each app using the network would have had to implement its own TLS functions and go through NIAP approval.  SecureIO dramatically increases the value proposition of the CSfC network and Android end-user device. 

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Mobile VPN Suite

Our Mobile VPN Suite (MVS) allows commercial smart devices to seamlessly roam between infrastructure cellular, infrastructure WiFi, ad-hoc WiFi and tactical networks while maintaining the session continuity for both unicast and multicast applications and preserving the security association between the smart device and the network VPN gateways. 

MVS is targeted for commercial and government networks including tactical and public safety networks that need premium levels of connectivity and where two layers of over the air encryption are required (as per NSA CSfC guidelines) on top of the link layer security when mobile users are connected via an IP network.

Mobile data storage (MDS)

MDS allows applications to save data and to include all key materials encrypted in mobile devices without requiring additional modifications to the calling applications. MDS enables secure, seamless interception of File I/O operations by combining our patent-pending, per-application, policy-based enforcement engine with our customer’s Suite B compliant cryptographic algorithms for encryption.

MDS is targeted for commercial and government mobile users that require highly sensitive data to be encrypted and securely stored in smart devices while accessible only to authorized users.