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Dynamic and secure mobile networks


Today, there are more mobile device connections in the world than there are humans. Gadgets like tablets, smartphones and not-so-smart phones are multiplying five times faster than we are and the explosive growth is providing an array of networking challenges.

At Perspecta Labs our explorations in mobile networking are focused on highly dynamic environments; areas where infrastructure is in place (e.g., infrastructure-based mobile networks), as well as battlefields and remote or undeveloped locations which are "infrastructure-less" and where gaps in coverage can be filled with dynamically created mobile ad hoc networks.

In both environments, the researchers and engineers at Perspecta Labs provide advanced solutions to support seamless and secure mobility—keeping networks running and communications flowing reliably, efficiently and securely.

Most recently, our mobility scientists have been focusing on the deployment of commercial wireless networking technologies (4G/LTE) into the tactical battlefield environment and enhancing those technologies to support unique military requirements in the areas of security, multicast, seamless handoff and infrastructure-less capabilities. A key initiative here has been our support for the U.S. Army’s Multi-Access Cellular Extension (MACE) program, under the direction of CERDEC.