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Network defense

Network cyber defense

Perspecta Labs is bringing the following next-generation products to market:

DDoS Defender

DDoS attackers disrupt, delay and deny legitimate users’ access to critical computer, communications and network resources. Perspecta Labs’ DDoS Defender delivers breakthrough cyber defense capabilities to protect infrastructure, provide resilience and maintain critical services. Our novel techniques can dynamically obscure high-value cyber assets, detect stealthy, low-volume intrusions, perform defensive maneuvers to mislead and confuse adversaries, and launch mitigation steps to repel both widespread and targeted attacks. Combining multiple, proven innovations – each designed, developed and extensively tested on U.S. government cyber research projects – Perspecta Labs DDoS Defender delivers superior defensive capacity to detect and deter DDoS and thwart even the most sophisticated attackers.

DEDUCE:  Rapid service recovery and resilience

Our DEDUCE system provides real-time fight-through service restoration from the network edges. DEDUCE combines novel techniques for distributed enclave defense using configurable edges which work together to protect networks from cyberattacks as well as diverse impairments and delay from equipment failures, route congestion and system misconfiguration. DEDUCE also provides enhanced network analytics to provide situational awareness and expedite root-cause analysis. DEDUCE operates transparently either as a standalone network appliance or when implemented within existing network elements.

Wireless network defense

Perspecta Labs offers a suite of wireless network defense solutions that protect commercial and tactical networks from diverse threats, focused on attacks on the control plane from both insiders as well as external malicious actors. Our wireless network defense solutions combine our extensive expertise on wireless communications and protocols with leading-edge analytics and machine learning to thwart sophisticated attacks on the control plane of wireless networks. We provide field-tested, cost-effective solutions for wireless network defense for use by the U.S. military, commercial network operators, providers of mobile device management and security software, and diverse enterprises and users of mobile communications.

Wireless personal area network (WPAN)

Perspecta Labs is a leader in developing, testing and integrating new standards-based wireless personal area network technologies for warfighter applications. We are leveraging and augmenting commercial application-specific integrated circuit technologies to reduce probabilities of interception and detection, enhance resistance of interference and jamming, improve mesh networking with plug-and-play network formation for ease of use and two-hop relaying for connectivity to disadvantaged nodes, and enable security design for certification for use with sensitive and classified data.