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Phonetic Pronunciation Package

Perspecta Labs' Name Pronunciation Package and Speech Recognition Tools

Perspecta Labs' Phonetic Pronunciation Package and directory processing tools help speech recognition and text-to-speech services achieve the highest accuracy for names of people, places and businesses. We also license listings preprocessing software that transforms telephone listings into natural language order for services such as automated directory assistance.

ASR/TTS Tools: Phonetic Pronunciation Package (Name Pronunciation Software) and Listings Preprocessing

Perspecta Labs’ Phonetic Pronunciation Package has unparalleled accuracy for U.S. names, locations and business names, based on more than 30 years of research on 100 million telephone listings. If your company needs to recognize or speak names of any sort, our Pronunciation Package will help you develop name dictionaries of exceptional automatic speech recognition (ASR) accuracy and transform your synthesizer into a name maven.

Leading-edge companies have found Perspecta Labs’ Phonetic Pronunciation Package reduced their recognition errors for names by up to one-half. The package can be applied to any recognition or synthesis engine on the market. If the package does not already contain support for the engine you use, we will develop one at no charge. 

Fields of interest supported by our tools include: healthcare providers, location apps, auto-attendants, automated directory assistance, drug refill reminders, patient appointment reminders, corporate dialers, credit contacts, directions and more. Additionally, newly added features support pharmacy-standard pronunciations of every brand and generic drug prescribed in the U.S.

The Perspecta Labs’ Listings Preprocessing Software converts telephone company listings into "natural language order," with exceptional accuracy, often reducing the error rates associated with unidentified acronyms, idiosyncratic abbreviations and incorrect word ordering, by a factor of 20 or more. The software converts and corrects listings from the formats of all major listing vendors.  

Product Features

  • Highest accuracy available for names of people, places and businesses
  • Thousands of authenticated alternate pronunciations
  • Excellent acronym pronunciation
  • Pharmacy-standard pronunciations for all prescribed drugs
  • Translation programs for all leading ASR and TTS engines
  • Easy-to-integrate API run time or command-line binary
  • Robust, field-proven reliability 


Licensing packages for Perspecta Labs' speech recognition tools are available for all Linux  and Windows platforms.

If you would like more information about licensing, contact us or call 1-908-748-2505.