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SecureSmart - SCADA Protocol Protection


Industry’s first ICS cybersecurity monitoring and anomaly detection solution for protocol protection

Increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks on industrial control systems (ICS) in general, and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems in particular, has become an industry norm. Most recently, North American utilities are experiencing thousands of such attacks per month.

In response, Perspecta Labs’ SecureSmart™ ProtocolPatroller is providing utilities continuous cyber monitoring and anomaly detection and protection. The award-winning solution delivers extensive protocol-specific security capabilities for smart grid and other ICS and SCADA applications.

SecureSmart™ ProtocolPatroller provides cybersecurity protection across a wide range of threats and SCADA protocols, including:

  • SCADA Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3)

  • Inter-Control Center Communications Protocol (ICCP)

  • Synchrophasor Protocol C37.118

  • Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) Data Transport Protocol C12.22

  • Substation Automation 61850-GOOSE

  • IP and HTTP

More broadly, the software’s modular design allows it be easily extensible to protect other ICS SCADA protocols as well. For each such protocol, ProtocolPatroller employs a collection of behavior model checkers that have been verified with formal methods to detect communication anomalies. Using these robust checkers, the ProtocolPatroller detects ongoing attacks, including zero-day attacks, and alerts operators through a user-friendly dashboard. When used in the in-line protection mode, ProtocolPatroller can perform predetermined actions to help stop the ongoing attacks.

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