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Wireless solutions

Wireless solutions for spectrum management and airborne telemetry

Perspecta Labs is bringing the following next-generation products to market


SecureSense provides affordable, near-real-time intelligence to monitor spectrum usage, rapidly identify unexpected emitters and efficiently support mission needs. SecureSense delivers unparalleled insight and protection for radio frequency (RF) spectrum at the place, time and frequencies of interest.  SecureSense leverages Perspecta Labs’ leading-edge sensor technology, high-reliability management system, novel signal processing techniques and innovative data analytics capabilities to achieve more accurate spectrum situational awareness at lower cost and in the most demanding environments.

Spectrum usage and management system

Perspecta Labs’ spectrum usage and management system (SUMS) provides rigorous, validated metrics and in-depth analytics to quantify and visualize radio frequency (RF) spectrum usage. SUMS harnesses Perspecta Labs’ SecureSense RF spectrum sensing solution and our state-of-the-art big data analytics platform. Featuring multiple data and system interfaces, a flexible and virtualized server design, and customizable analyses and reports, SUMS can be easily deployed to accurately characterize spectrum usage in any environment, including Department of Defense (DoD) training centers and test and evaluation facilities. 


Perspecta Labs’ Velocite is a ground-breaking solution which enables use of commercial 4G long-term evolution (LTE) cellular technology at well beyond Mach 1 speeds to meet the challenging operational requirements of Aeronautical Mobile Telemetry (AMT). AMT provides data communications for performance evaluation and safety assurance during testing of manned and unmanned aircraft. Current AMT service requires expensive antenna hardware which must be dedicated to one text exercise at a time. Our Velocite solution is vendor-agnostic, high-bandwidth and enables multiple simultaneous test missions to be conducted over commercial equipment at considerable savings in both cost and time.